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Fundraising for Syria and Turkey and an Engineering Conference

Every year, our Engineering and Technology pathway show off what they've learnt to staff and students at the college and have their own little conference. This year, we held a bake sale to fundraise and help those in need following the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. Read on to find out more about the event and how much we raised!

Hello all,

Every year, students on our Engineering and Technology pathway have to do a project in class in order to pass. In pairs or small groups, they are given a topic to study. They need to research this topic, understand what they’re learning, have a good concept of Newton’s Laws and/or Kepler’s laws, and then create a poster to present to other students at the centre and staff.

It’s a competition within the class, with a nice prize and bragging rights to go to the winner. But who better to just, than other students and staff who aren’t so knowledgeable in physics and all things Newton and Kepler. Staff and students are encouraged to attend the event, with some tutors holding 10-minute breaks during class to students are able to go. Staff and students need to go round every single poster.

“I’ve been involved with fundraising since high school, and when I saw the devastation in Turkey and Syria, I knew that I had to do something to help” – Maria, Student Service Officer

Staff and students (that didn’t belong to our September Engineering cohort) had key factors to focus on and rate, some were:

  • Does the poster flow?
  • Does the poster look appealing?
  • Does the content of the poster make sense?
  • Did the group explain the content of the poster well?


This year, we combined the Engineering event with a bake sale in order to raise funds for the Syria and Turkey earthquake. Maria, our student support officer, signed up with the British Red Cross and a JustGiving page where the money goes directly to the British Red Cross.

We raised £198 total for the earthquakes

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