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Meet the LGSC Team: The Academics

We're a month into the semester and whilst you know who your tutors, peers and Shannon is. Are you aware of other staff members in the building working behind the scenes? The offices upstairs are split into academics, student services and marketing & admissions - but who do you really know and who has managed to hide behind their desk? In our new series, Meet the LGSC Team, there is no hiding.

A Small Leicester Guide: Where to go? What to do?

You're brand new to Leicester! It's a rainy Saturday and you have no idea what to do, or where is worth going. So LGSC has done a lil research and got enough answers that everyone is happy. Here's a small guide so you can know the basics.

How To Stay Safe on a Night Out

For some of you, coming to the University of Leicester will mean studying and eating out. Others of you, may want to experience more of what Leicester has to offer, including its nightlife. If you want to experience Leicester's nightlife, here's some ways to keep yourself safe.

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