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How To Stay Safe on a Night Out

For some of you, coming to the University of Leicester will mean studying and eating out. Others of you, may want to experience more of what Leicester has to offer, including its nightlife. If you want to experience Leicester's nightlife, here's some ways to keep yourself safe.

Hello all,

If you’re someone who has come to study with us, likes to be in bed cozy by 10pm and prefers dinner out with friends – there’s no shame in that. There’s also no shame in coming to study with LGSC, and wanting to know a bit more about the nightlife in Leicester and going on a night out.

If you are choosing to experiencing night outs in bars or in clubs, you need to know how to keep yourself safe so you can enjoy your nights out with your friends even more. And we’re here to tell you how to do that.

Know Your Limits

Your “limit” is how much you’re able to drink without being ill on the night or putting yourself into a situation that you will be unsafe in. Everyone’s limits are different and you need to know yours.

Ask for Angela

“Ask for Angela” is rolled out in bars and clubs up and down the country. It’s a safety feature that bartenders are trained in. If you’re in a situation that you’re uncomfortable in or don’t feel safe in, you go to the bar and ask for Angela or “Is Angela here?” This will inform bar staff that you’re in a situation that you need help getting out of. They’ll order you a taxi, and help you to leave the building quietly, in a way that people won’t notice you’ve left.

Cover Your Drinks

Be aware of walking around with a drink that isn’t covered at the top in busy clubs and bars. Beer bottles are easy to cover, just place your thumb over the top! But for things like spirit or cocktail glasses, you want to hold the glass with your hand covering the top – almost like your hand is a claw in a claw machine.

Bartenders are your friends

Bartenders want 2 things:

  1. For you to have a good time
  2. For you to go home safe

No bartender wants you to be in a situation where you could be in danger of something happening to you. If you need 5 minutes and a glass of water, don’t be afraid to ask them. Sometimes, a bartender will make the call for you that you’re done for the night, don’t be mad or angry, they have a responsibility of care over you

Look after one another

You’re out with your friends or in a big group, don’t leave someone alone. Even if they let you know they’re okay, keep an eye on them. We’re all responsible for everyone getting home safe at the end of a night. Take care of each other, keep each other safe and enjoy your night.

Enjoy your night out, take care of one another and stay safe.

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