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A Small Leicester Guide: Where to go? What to do?

You're brand new to Leicester! It's a rainy Saturday and you have no idea what to do, or where is worth going. So LGSC has done a lil research and got enough answers that everyone is happy. Here's a small guide so you can know the basics.


You’ve gone from knowing it all, to learning it all again. How do you pass the time on the weekend? Where is good to go with your friends? Where can you shop until you drop or do you just need to pop in somewhere?

Have no fear! We’ve got it all covered in this post, so your weekend plans are never nothing (unless you need the weekend off from socialising, we’ve all been there) and you know where to get you toiletries from.

First: Shopping

There is obviously Highcross, which is the main shopping centre in Leicester City Centre, but let’s break it down a bit more than that.

  • Bodycare (Highcross) – has essential toiletries from toothpaste to feminine hygiene for a cheaper price than some of the bigger brands
  • Superdrug (Humberstone Gate) – toiletries but will be a bit more expensive than Bodycare, also has a lot of make up brands
  • Boots (Highcross or Gallowtree Gate) – toiletries for a more expensive price than Bodycare, has different make up brands than Superdrug and has a bigger chemist. Boots on Gallowtree Gate has more make-up brand options.
  • Primark (Humberstone Gate) – everything from coats, to shoes, to gym clothes, to their own beauty brand for a very reasonable price and cheaper compared to a lot of other stores. Try avoid going on a Saturday, as that’s when half of Leicester goes!
  • H&M (Highcross) – a step up in price from Primark. but still somewhere to go if you need clothes and especially basics, you need to check out H&M basics collection
  • The Vintage Scene (Silver Street) – if you prefer to buy second hand clothing, you need to check out the up and coming vintage scene in Leicester. The Vintage Scene is one of the staple shops in the centre of town, as well as charity shops like the British Heart Foundation and Oxfam.

Time To Refresh: Restaurants & Pubs

We’ve chosen to combine the categories together as there were a few that seemed to overlap. So whether you need to refresh with a 3 course meal or a drink with friends, here’s some places to go. It is also important to let you know that most pubs will do coffees throughout the day, so you can find somewhere to suit everyone in the group.

  • Roma (Halford Street) – a sweet little Italian a 5 minute walk from Highcross with reasonably priced but extremely good food.
  • Nandos (Highcross Lane) – a British classic, we couldn’t leave this out
  • KAI (St Martins Square) – one of the best places to go for brunch in the city centre, with everything from eggs to the biggest plate of pancakes you’ve ever seen, their sister restaurant PAI has a reputation for it’s pizzas!
  • Kayal (Granby Street) – an entirely vegetarian restaurant that won a Curry Award in 2023!
  • The Globe (Silver Street) – a pub that can do you no wrong, but also has amazing food and one of the staff’s favourite Sunday lunches on the market in the city, would avoid on a day Leicester City are playing!
  • Queen of Bradgate (High Street) – a great blend of restaurant and pub with really good and a great selection of drinks
  • Rutland and Derby (Millstone Lane) – a smaller pub compared to some of the others mentioned, but has a selection of poutine that will make your mouth water
  • Exchange (Rutland Street) – a small bar just outside The Curve in the cultural quarter with a brand new food menu, and events happening all throughout each and every month
  • Distillery (Market Street) – a great place to watch the football, and probably every other sport, an excellent choice of a drinks and pub grub that rarely does you wrong

Time For A Coffee: Cafes

Who doesn’t love a great cafe with good coffee and even better food?

  • St Martins Coffee Shop (St Martins) – brews their own coffee, and you’ve got everything your heart would desire from waffles, to pancakes, to burgers, to a good old fashioned sandwich,
  • Cafe Mbriki (Carts Lane) – an introduction to the lanes and not too far from St Martins is a cafe with a green door and fairy lights in the window, with cracking paninis and a go to if you like a good coffee in the afternoon
  • Hollys (St Martins) – you probably wouldn’t notice it on an average day, but when the sun is out and the temperature is heating up, outside of Holly’s is full with people enjoy their lunch, with a huge menu and something to suit everyone – we also recommend their soup in the Winter!
  • Bru (Granby Street) – a mix of coffee, food and ice cream, you can’t really go wrong
  • 200 Degrees (Market Street) – also a great place to work with a lot of room, you’ll be surrounded by a lot of other works, great cakes and you can’t go wrong with getting a coffee

Now, What Shall We Do

If you’re needing things to do on a miserable Saturday in Winter, than look no further. This doesn’t include anything going on through December, leading up to holidays or during bank holidays.

  • Lane 7 (Great Central Street) – has it all covered from different food vendors, to golf, bowling and a huge TV to watch sports on. Prices depend on what activity you’re booking, and whether you eat or have a drink
  • Caddy Shackers (Calais Hill) – 18 holes of madness, writing on the wall and props to make golf a little more difficult, is a further walk away from the city centre. Prices depend on how many holes you’re wanting to complete, but they do offer student discount so make sure to check that out
  • Treetop Adventure Golf (Shires Lane) – very similar to Caddyshackers but is closer to Highcross and the surrounding restaurants. Prices vary depending on how many holes you’ll be completing and if you want to stop for a bite to eat
  • New Walk Museum (New Walk) – on one of what we think, is the prettiest streets in Leicester, is New Walk museum with a dinosaur, a mummy and variation of exhibits to find something that will suit everyone. It’s free to enter.
  • Roxy Ball Room (Humerstone Gate) – brand new to Leicester, with a variety of activities with the inclusion of karoke! Prices do vary depending on what activity you’re wanting to do.
  • Sixes (Halford Street) – if you’re more of a cricket person, then you need to get yourself down to Sixes, rent a cafe out and play virtual cricket to your heart’s content! Prices will vary depending on how long you rent a cage out for and if you choose to have anything to eat or drink

And, we believe, that is everything covered! If you think we’ve missed something worth shouting about, then please let us know.


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