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Meet the LGSC Team: The Academics

We're a month into the semester and whilst you know who your tutors, peers and Shannon is. Are you aware of other staff members in the building working behind the scenes? The offices upstairs are split into academics, student services and marketing & admissions - but who do you really know and who has managed to hide behind their desk? In our new series, Meet the LGSC Team, there is no hiding.

Hello All!

For our first installment of “Meet The Team”, it only seemed right to begin with the academics. Those at the forefront of teaching, and the staff members you have most conversations and contact time with. The tutors are the unsung heroes of LGSC with the time they put into planning lessons, and that doesn’t include the time they spend answering emails and ensuring you get the most out of your time here. From our full time academics to our sessional staff – we appreciate all our teaching staff.

Dr Aaron Eames – Programme Leader

Aaron is the programme leader for Society & Culture. His main responsibilities are teaching part of the course, but ensuring that the rest of the modules runs smoothly. Starting out in admissions shy of 2 years ago, Aaron has a pretty good idea of how the college is ran as well as the ins and outs of day-to-day processes. But now, Aaron is available for all your everything related to Sociology, Intercultural Studies and Media. You can go to Aaron with any questions about what you’re learning, the programme in general or if you’re having any issues with your tutors.

Anna Asai – Academic Services Coordinator

Spends weekends finding new coffee shops and curled up watching Netflix

Anna is the academic services coordinator for LGSC and her main role is to come together with the academic team to know how we can best support you, our students. Anna helps to support the academics with timetabling, exam support and academic progression. If you’re struggling with any of the following, then you should go and see Anna in the offices upstairs: faacing issues with your timetable, need further support during exams, or if you’re finding anything difficult in regards to your academics.

Simon Briars – Pathway Leader

Spends Saturday morning taking his daughter to swimming then it’s time to shop and Mcdonalds. Although a doting dad, Simon never misses a Leicester City football game. Sunday is spent in the countryside or with friends, try and play a video game or 2 whilst putting off the ironing in the next room.

Simon is the programme leader for the Academic English Skills programme, but also helps oversee the Engineering and Science pathways. Simon has been our English man since the very beginning. He’s helped build the course from the ground up, and delivered the course to hundreds, if not thousands, of students. Simon is your go-to if you’re struggling with the subject, have any questions about what you’re studying or upcoming assignments. He’s also the person you should go to is you’re having issues with your tutors.

We couldn’t finish this post without including a huge shoutout to all of our sessional tutors, who really do help the college in more ways than one. They teach our learners, but also support them with any questions or issues they have regarding their learning or wellbeing.


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