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Diwali 2023: An Updated Guide to Leicester’s Celebrations

First year celebrating in Diwali? We've got all the information for Diwali 2023 that you need to know down below!

Hello all!

For many of you, it’ll be the first year you’re spending Diwali away from your families. So we’ve done the reading and searching so you’re able to enjoy Diwali without having to worry about where or how you can celebrate in Leicester. If you’ve done your LGSC blog research, you will know that we did a Diwali blog post last year but this year’s will contain all new dates and times you need to know!

Did You Know: It’s Leicester’s 40th year anniversary on the event of switching of our Diwali lights!

Leicester’s Diwali celebrations have a bit of a name for themselves, being one of the biggest outside of India. It was in the ’80s that people in the community first discussed the idea of decorating for Diwali, and the first lights display went on in 1983. This was the beginning of the Diwali celebrations as we know.

Diwali lights ran along Belgrave Road, from Dorset Street and all the way to Loughborough road and were switched on by the community’s oldest resident. By the 1990s, Diwali on Belgrave Road had developed a reputation up and down the country and what had been started as a community celebration, was now a major festival.

But what is going on in for Diwali 2023?

Photo taken from Visit Leicester's Website

From October 13th to November 12th, the Wheel of Light is back. Standing at 110 feet talk, you’re able to see stunning views of Leicester City and the lights below on Belgrave Road.


Diwali Day itself is on Sunday 12th November. There is the main stage running from 5:30pm – 8:30pm on Belgrave Road with a full programme of entertainment. The Diwali Village will once again return to Crossington Street Recreation Ground with food, stalls, funfair rides and an extra stage with a laser show. This is only a short 5 minute walk away from Belgrave Road!


There’s also an exciting new addition. Arts Council England will be there performing family street theatre up and down the Golden Mile. The processions will begin with a parade of 100 lanterns, but that doesn’t include the giant puppetry, dance and storytelling, aimed to help you dance your way through Diwali.

Fireworks are a huge part of the Diwali celebration, and this year is no different. Fireworks will be going off at 7:30pm alongside a soundtrack especially created for 2023.

This doesn’t even begin to go into all the amazing food available!

However you choose to spend Diwali this weekend, we hope you have a wonderful time.


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