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Meet the LGSC Team: Marketing & Admissions

We're a month into the semester and whilst you know who your tutors, peers and Shannon is. Are you aware of other staff members in the building working behind the scenes? The offices upstairs are split into academics, student services and marketing & admissions - but who do you really know and who has managed to hide behind their desk? In our new series, Meet the LGSC Team, there is no hiding.

Hello All!

In our last post in “Meet the LGSC Team” that you can read here, we introduced you to the academic team. This includes all of our programme leads and our academic services co-ordinator. However, this is only one department out of a whole bunch that help keep the college running and today, we’ll be introducing you to our Marketing & Admissions team.

The Marketing and Admissions team are responsible for exactly what you think they are. They’re the team that help students gain an interest in LGSC and assess your application. You may have had a lot on contact with this members from this team in the time from submitting your application to getting your CAS and making your way to the UK.

Will Gray – Director of Marketing & Admissions

Will is the director for the whole department. Some of his main responsibilities are managing the department, working with staff to ensure materials are going out and being checked and that each cog is working smoothly in what it’s designed to do.

Shannon Dean – Marketing & Recruitment Co-Ordinator

Shannon is responsible for ensuring that LGSC gets out into the world and what LGSC’s message stands for. A big part of the marketing and recruitment role is to inform students about who LGSC, what we do, what we offer and the end result but another big part is to help potential students in their application process and the next steps. You may have seen Shannon a lot on our Virtual Open Days and Pre-Departure Webinar.

Li Bai – Admissions Manager

The admissions manager role helps out with running the admissions team and being the go-to person if any application needs further assessment or if we need to look into the application deeper. One of Li’s main responsibilities is to ensure that applications are being assessed by our admission officers. If one of your conditions is an interview, then you may have seen Li then!

Marwa Bawi – Immigration and Compliance Manager

Starting off in student services, moving to admissions and then to become our Immigration and Compliance Manager. Marwa is our go-to person for keeping LGSC on right side of UKVI policy and following the correct laws that we need to. Having a huge amount of experience in the admissions department, Marwa is able to advise the student services team on key information that they need to know.

Last but never least, our Admission Officers

Our admissions officers all play a huge part in the admissions processing assessing applications, documents and moving potential students onto the next stage. We couldn’t get through all your applications, or back to you, without the help of our officers: Isha, Maurine and Essien.

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