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Happy Holidays 2023! When do we return?

It's that time of the year again! Staff are taking well-deserved break during the festive period. But, what you need to know, is when staff are back at their desk and back to their emails.

Hello all!


The New Year is just around the corner and Christmas is even closer. So whether you’re a student ready to start second semester or you’re just about to get on a plane to join us for the first time – you may have a few questions about what’s going on between now and the 2nd January, such as:

  1. I’ve emailed – when can I expect someone to get back to me?
  2. When does teaching begin?
  3. When is the centre open again?
  4. When do we register?
  5. I need help with something not mentioned!

Staff are preparing to close the centre and take some time off. However, staff are working from now up until Friday 22nd December 2023. Staff may be in the office, or working from home during this time. Staff will be working from home on the 22nd and may finish earlier than usual.

Staff return to work on Tuesday 2nd January 2024. Those who have booked this day off will come back later, this should be mentioned in their out of office email. If you send any emails between the 22nd December and the 2nd January, you will not receive a reply to be sure to send in anything urgent!

The Centre is not open until the Monday 8th January 2024.* This is also registration/enrolment week for new students. New students need to arrive in Leicester by the 8th January and attend the rest of the week – welcome week is mandatory. There will be valuable sessions held during the week that are designed for you to gain as much information as you can. These sessions will help you during your time at LGSC and when you progress to the University of Leicester.

*If you are a returning student and need to speak to your tutor before then, please email them.

You can find all our vital dates on our Facebook Page.

Have a lovely holidays, a wonderful New Year and we will welcome you back or for the first time very soon!

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