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Happy Birthday To LGSC Blog

A year ago tomorrow, on the September 21st 2022, we posted out first ever blog post. We've gone through the last, however many blog posts, and picked out 5 of our favourites to look back on.

Hello all!

The LGSC blog is celebrating their one year birthday! We’ve had support from staff and students to get us to the one year mark, and we must say, we’re proud of ourselves and the content we’ve been posting. We couldn’t let our first birthday pass us by without so much as a whisper, now could we? Here’s our top 5 favourite blog posts that we’ve posted over the last 365 days.

Starting from number 5 and making our way to the top…

5. Festivals & Holidays

We’re going to cheat here a little bit – only a little bit (and it isn’t the last time)! But we’re going to go for a range of blog posts, a genre if you prefer, and that’s all of our posts where we speak about festivals or holidays. Being in Leicester gives us access to so many festivals and religious celebrations, including the biggest Diwali celebration outside of India. We love writing about the ways our students can go ahead and experience so much, from Diwali fireworks to Christmas drinks. You can check out all our blog posts on this genre below:

4. Surviving England’s Common Cold

Arriving in England when the weather turns to autumn guarantees a couple of things:
a. the English are going to complain about the weather
b. we’re about to get a lot more rain
c. you’re going to catch the common cold

It happens every year, it gets everyone, including staff and students. But, not everyone is so well equipped to handle the common cold, especially if it’s something brand new to you. With how useful this info is, and it being only our 2nd post, we had to include it in this list of favourites. You can read “How to survive England’s common cold” below (this does mean you can attend lessons):

3. Ways To Get Out of a Lull

Getting into a lull is something that happens to all of us. We’re burnt out, we’re busy, we’re stressed and everything just seems too much to handle. Something stressful is coming up, like exams for example, and there feels like nothing we can do to get ourselves out of this funk and get revising. Posted in March 2023, this particular blog post gave ideas on how students are able to get out of a lull, and prepare for their exams which were coming up. But, not only was this important advice for then, they can adapt this advice for anytime they feel that funk setting in. If you want to know some of our best ways to get out of a lull, check the blog post below:

2. Farewell Mike!

The choice between this and first place was tough. For those who worked with, taught by or counselled by (on the odd occasion) will know how big a role Mike played in the college. A real show-stopper of a goodbye was what Mike deserved after all he did for the college. Students said their goodbyes in person, and staff let their goodbyes live on in a blog post:

1. Student blog posts

We’re back to cheating again, we’re sorry, but how if we didn’t use this as a genre, the entire list would have been student’s writing. How could anything else be our favourite! One of the great things about the blog is that anyone can write a blog post. Different members of staff, and different students. Giving the students an opportunity to write on the blog is important to us, and we enjoy shouting about their blog posts. All their blog posts are below for you to read what our students have wrote:

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