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Things To Do in The Festive Season

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there are many things to do in Leicester and the Midlands during November and December.

Hello All!

It’s no secret or surprise that Christmas is just around the corner. But whether you celebrate the holiday or not, there are a lot of things popping up in Leicester and over the midlands that you will be able to go and do before you leave to go back home.

If you’ve walked round Leicester City Centre, you will have seen the lights in the dark above your head. The Christmas Lights will be switched on Thursday 17th November. Lights all up and down the City Centre streets, the City Hall and right next to the clock tower will be lit up after a countdown from BBC radio Leicester to bring us in.

The Leicester Wheel of Light returns to Jubilee Square (or the bit next to Mosh). Each ride can be anywhere from 8 – 10 minutes, is open 7 days a week but slightly later on a Friday and a Saturday. You will see incredible views of the city from a staggering 110 feet in the air. Luckily, you can fit 6 people into one gondola, so you’ll have someone to hold onto if you’re terrified!

German Christmas Markets are back! Sadly, Leicester is too small for its own German market, but both our neighbor cities of Nottingham and Birmingham host one every year. The Birmingham German Christmas market is the largest German Christmas market outside of Germany. With stalls in Victoria Square and along new street, there is plenty on offer for you to do. There’s live music in the square, a selection of hand-made gifts in every other stall and a lot of traditional food to be washed down with a hot chocolate.

You can also find German Markets in: Nottingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

The Leicester Ice Rink also makes its return.

Leicester’s Fun Fair is coming back down Humberstone Gate (the one with Primark on) and there is also opportunity for you to watch films in the City Centre on a big screen over the weekend. Below, you will be able to see a map of the City Centre with what you are able to do, whereabouts the things are and the times.

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