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What Happened in November 2022

Our last monthly recap of 2022!

Hello all!

We can practically see the Christmas break at this point, in fact, we can almost taste it, it is that close. With the holidays this close, it can only mean one thing: our final monthly recap of 2022 is here. Being so close to the end of the year does not mean we let up on the activities and things that happened during November.

The first one, and probably the part that’ll be least exciting to read. Assignments began this month, particularly for those on our International Year One pathway. Students on IY1 have already completed two assignments with more to come, and we wish them the best of luck on their upcoming assignments.

Next was the launch of the “LGSC Book Club” brought to life to help combat loneliness in international students. It happens once every month on a Wednesday and all students need to bring is the book that they’re reading, either currently or just finished, and an opinion.

Our student council had their first meeting at the beginning of November and have continued to have them every Friday since. In the meetings, we discuss fun things for students, ways to make staff idea’s better, and new ideas that the students have thought of. The council acts as a bridge between staff and students. Their job is to tell us what students have been saying around them to help us better the college in all sorts of ways.

Lastly, we held our first football tournament inspired by the World Cup. On match day, we had 2 teams that began as a 9-a-side and ended as a full 11. The match was 30 minutes for the first half, 10-minute half time, and 30 minutes again for the second half – none of which included extra time (which there was a lot of). After a hard-fought game, it was the non-bibs who came out on top with a 7-6 victory.

We’ll be back again in the New Year, with our first monthly recap of 2023 being January (and maybe we’ll throw in some Christmas things)!


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