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A Student Ambassador’s Experience at LGSC

Our student ambassador, Demi, writes about his experience about being a student at LGSC and all things you need to know when it comes to studying in the UK.

Hello all!

This year, I embarked on my journey as an international student at the Leicester Global Study Centre. Although I travelled to different parts of the world growing up, for the first time ever, I found myself in a new corner of the world. One that I would have to call home for the next three years. Upon my arrival to Leicester in January, I was immediately drawn to the city’s multicultural charm. I resonated with it’s diversity and it quickly started to feel like home.

Moving into my new flat in the village was an overwhelming experience. Becoming independent and responsible for myself while living with new people was a learning curve for me. Sharing a space with four other people is no easy task, especially if you move in months after everyone else did which was the case for me.

Everyone has come from different backgrounds and has their own way of doing things and a status quo had been established long before I got there. Getting to know each of my flatmates and learning how to communicate with them ensured that there was no conflict between us. We utilized the shared space in a way that was respectful to us all.

Top Tips for New Students

  • Learn to cook your favourite foods before coming!

I don’t think I can say this enough. My first few weeks in Leicester, I was ordering takeaways all the time. I quickly realised that this wasn’t the best financial decision. I also craved home-made foods. Last year, I took the time to learn how to make most of my favourite foods myself, which made me happy. Getting the ingredients I needed was never a problem thanks to the diversity here in Leicester.

  • Attend events

LGSC organised a welcome week event to encourage students to get familiar with each other, the college and staff. That is how I met some of the people that would later on become my closest friends and support system throughout my time there. There is almost always something going on where you can meet people who share common interests.

  • Study spaces are crucial.

My favourite place to study in the village is the village hub study room. There is also Olive Banks, where there are multiple computers. This has honestly been really helpful, I once spilled a whole bottle of water on my laptop two days before my coursework was due! I was only able to get it done in time by using the Olive Banks computers while waiting for my laptop to dry. There are many resources available to assist students.

“Learning to make your favourite foods from home allows you to be able to share your culture with friends and most importantly, it helps you feel closer to home and allows you to save money”

Moving to Leicester, there has definitely been ups and down but thanks to support from the LGSC as well as family and friends. I have had a positive experience. Meeting people from different backgrounds and sharing our cultures and experiences with each other has been the highlight of my year. I can’t wait to see what the future brings as I continue my time here in Leicester.

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