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An International Student POV: Things I Don’t Regret Bringing

The countdown to welcome week is on! Moving away to university is a scary time and that's whether you're moving to down the road or a whole country away. We spoke to an ex-international student about what they don't regret bringing from home to make the transition to life as a student in the UK a little easier.

Hello all!

We’re only 20 days away from welcoming our September 2023 students to campus and the Leicester Global Study Centre. With still some time to go and so much packing to do, it’s hard to know what to bring and what should stay at home. We spoke to an ex-international student about things they brought from home that they don’t regret.

Photos of my and my loved ones

“Having photos around my room of me and my loved ones made my room feel a lot cosier. This is essential. When you first walk into a student room, they’re empty and it isn’t welcoming at all. Seeing photos around the room was a constant reminder of their love and support.”

Posters of quotes

“Before moving to the UK, I knew my room would have a noticeboard. I began printing encouraging quotes as well as posters of funny memes, and my favourite singers. I loved how personalised my room felt after this.”

A comfort item

“A comfort item is a must in my opinion. As a student away from home, there are times you’re going to feel stressed. There may be times you miss home as well. Having a comfort item such as a blanket, stuffed animal or a postcard from your mum can help you feel better.”

Power bank/portable charger

“One of the things I carried with me when I was travelling and after I’d moved to the city entre was a power bank. Travelling to the UK can take a while, and you may not have easy access to a plug. When exploring a new city, phone batteries can die quickly, so I made sure I always had a portable charger.”

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