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Virtual Open Day 2023

Unconditional or conditional offer holder? Come along to our 2020 Virtual Open Day to hear about all things LGSC.

Hello all!

Yes! You heard correctly! The Leicester Global Study Centre are hosting a Virtual Open Day. It’ll be on August 8th, and we’ll be discussing everything from our pathways to accommodation to our student services role. We’ll also be going through the CAS process so those of you preparing for your CAS can understand what’s next.

By now, you’ve received two invitations to join. We’ll also be sending a reminder out Friday 4th August and Monday 8th August so you’re ready to login and listen!

The Open Day started at 9am (UK Time), so be up bright and early! We recommend getting a drink before you start, because then you’re ready to sit there and listen to everything LGSC has to say.

We have a jam packed schedule planned with speakers from all over the college. Pathway leaders will be telling you more about how you’re going to be study to how you’ll be assessed. We’ll be giving you all the information we have on our accommodation, and when you need to apply by! If you’re worrying about your CAS, don’t worry, we’ll be going through the process and what you need to do. Student services will let you know their role in the college, and we even have a student ambassador talking about their experience here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, ready to listen to all things LGSC.

There will be time at the end of the session to ask questions you have, but someone will be keeping an eye on the chat at all times to ask any burning questions relevant to the topic. We cannot discuss individual CAS or applications during the session. These will need to be discussed separately.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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