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Pre-Welcome Week & Things to Bring: January 2023 Intake

A very similar but slightly different version of our Pre-Welcome Week post in September. Recommended for our January 2023 intake.

Hello All!

If you’re well organised and have already look ahead into our social medias and blog, then this post will seem repetitive, but we need to make sure that all cohorts are given the same information. There may be a lot of people joining us in January, who are yet to read anything on our blog and if so, we’d like the welcome you to the LGSC blog, where we write about pretty much anything!

A big virtual hello as we count down the days until we welcome you to the University of Leicester Global Study Centre. There’s only 5 days left until Monday 9th January 2023, when we expect to be welcoming our January students on campus. We’re looking forward to it, and we hope you are too!


Although moving is exciting, it can also be terrifying. We’ve tried to make the whole process a little easier by making a list of all the things you need to to bring with you. Things will change, and things at the centre have changed to give you an even better experience. But some things stay the same, like the support from your family but also the support we offer here, and the systems we have in place. Student Support Officer and Social Media, Shannon Dean; Student Support Officer Anna Asai; and the man who does a bit of everything – Mike Gibson.

Senior Academic Manager – Mike Gibson.

Often found in his office, sometimes found teaching in a classroom, normally found cycling to and from work.

Student Support Officer and Social Media Poster – Shannon Dean.

Knows why having a favourite book can’t be done, knows when you are (and aren’t) attending, also knows that you haven’t voted in our latest Instagram poll.

Student Support Officer – Anna Asai

Is (or at one point, was) an international student herself, is fully aware whether you’re attending class, and is

What is there to look forward to?

The answer? A lot of things. We have a week full of activities designed to give you the best start to your course. You’re going to meet new classmates, new friends, new teachers and new people who are going to be a key part of your support system here. What lies ahead is 8 months of experience, memories and opportunities.

Help! I’ve left my packing until the last minute! What do I do?

You will need:

  • Passport (we hope you’d remember this one!)
  • Any money that needs to be changed over into pounds
  • All qualifications
  • Home comforts


Have You:

  1. Sent us your ECV and decision letter?
  2. Provided us with your flight information?
  3. Told us when you’ll be arriving in the UK?
  4. Provided us with need to know information? – This includes things like physical disabilities, mental health issues and everything in-between. If you think it’s something we need to know, don’t hesitate to tell us. If we know, we can help support you.
  5. Sent us your UK address and phone number?
  6. Provided us with emergency contact details?
  7. Gave us information for a UK guardian? – This is only relevant if you’re under 18.
  8. Booked travel from the airport to Leicester?

Some Things To Remember: 

  • We are here to help you.
  • If you’re unsure whether we need to know something, tell us.
  • If you’re unsure what you need, ask us.
  • If you’re just unsure in general, let us know.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t worry.

That seems to look like we’ve covered it all. If you think of something that we haven’t done, let us know and we’ll be able to tell you whether you’ll need it. We look forward to meeting you on Monday 9th January. For now, you’ll find more information at our socials: InstagramFacebook, and Tiktok.

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