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What Happened in October 2022

A little look into what LGSC did in the month of October

Hello all!

We started the “What Happened in [insert month here]” series back in April of this year on our Instagram and have continued to do so since. We have now begun to do the same on Facebook so parents can keep up to date on what’s happening around the centre their children are at.

First off, let’s start with the one thing you all came here for (other than to experience what Leicester has to offer). Classes began on Monday 3rd October, and you’ve been studying hard ever since. We are beginning to monitor the attendance of you all and ensuring that you know where to go to if you need help with your studies and outside the classroom.

One of the things past students told us we could improve on was planning more activities for outside of lesson time. We’ve now put a noticeboard up at the entrance of the building that will be updated monthly. “Games Hour” is back monthly and started this month, and this afternoon there is a “Horror Movie Afternoon” with popcorn provided by the centre. Keep an eye out for “Coffee + Chats” beginning in November.

One of the last things we did was celebrate Diwali among our students! With Leicester having the biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India, we definitely needed to do something to mark the holiday. We stuck these banners up around the centre in various places that the students would walk past.

With the Leicester Diwali celebrations being so big in Leicester, it was important we made sure that you all knew this was taking place. Our Instagram stories were filled with information beforehand and on Diwali Day to keep you all up to date on the Diwali celebrations taking place.

And that’s all that we’ve done in October, but what about you? Let us know down below what you’ve got up to this month.



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