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Happy National Walking Day!

It's national walking day! Not only does walking have huge benefits for your health and mind, it's also been a part of human history since pretty much the beginning of time.

Hello all!

April 5th marks National Walking Day, and it happens on the first Wednesday of April. Walking is one of the more popular forms of exercise, and definitely the cheapest. It’s also something we’ve been doing for centuries upon centuries. Not only does it have huge physical health benefits including improving blood flow, lower blood pressure and releases hormones like endorphins (this is the one that makes you feel less stressed!), it also has a number of mental benefits as well. Walking helps to boost your energy, improve body confidence and even help with sleep routine and levels of rest.

Studies shown that walking for 30-60 minutes a day can help prevent illnesses such as cancer and heart disease

Humans have been walking since the dawn of time. We’ve never been the best swimmers or runners, but for the large majority of us, walking is a natural and easy thing to do. Archeologists have even found that humans once walked miles to find prey (and we’re talking Wooly Mammoth).

In fact, during Victorian times, where was an interest in “pedestrianism”. Walking was considered a major spectator sport across America and Europe. People would watch the sport, and bet on whether would be able to make a marathon distance (26.2 miles) and what time the walkers would achieve. It could be the history behind racewalking in the Olympics for all we know!

One of the more extravagant walks to do in Leicester is Bradgate Park. Bradgate Park is 830 acres, and is East Midland’s only medieval deer park. Perfect for those who like their history (the ruins of Bradgate House were once the childhood home of Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England), those who likes their views (Leicestershire looks beautiful from above), and even those of you who enjoy the more simple walks with a picnic mid route.

But not every walk has to be the biggest, longest or at the highest point. All you have to do is walk for 30 minutes to feel the benefits of walking. It takes half an hour to walk from Clarendon Park (next to the University of Leicester campus) to the city centre. Walk through Victoria Park, and down New Walk for the scenic route under an archway of trees. Remember to treat yourself to a coffee or ice cream for the walk back!

Let us know where you end up walking this National Walking Day! Remember, getting yourself up and out is the important part.

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