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Welcome Event 2022

After 5 months of behind the scenes planning, students attended a "Welcome Event" held by the University of Leicester staff on main campus to find out more information on moving from LGSC to UoL.

Hello all!

Last week, LGSC students went to the University of Leicester main campus to understand the process of what happens when they’ve finished studying with us and are moving on to the next stage in their university journey with Leicester university.

In past years, students have let us know that they felt a little unsure of what’s going to happen when they finish with LGSC and what they should expect when it comes to moving on. It was clear that we needed to do something to inform students, and help calm the nerves of moving on. Emma Cranfield, a staff member at the University of Leicester, was the driving force behind the event. Hosting meetings with LGSC staff in order to make sure the event had as much information as possible, as well as different staff members to speak to the students.

A number of staff who work at the University of Leicester were able to speak at the events, coming from all departments including the student union, the welfare team, accommodation team and lecturers. Each department had their own section within the presentation to explain to students who they were, what they were responsible for in the university and how they would be able to help students based on their issue. It was a great opportunity for students to begin putting names to faces, and learning more about the university.

Student ambassadors were working the event to answer any questions and take LGSC students on a campus tour after speaking with the link tutors.

Even Leicester Global Study Centre principal got involved with presenting, asking questions and speaking to students!

“The breakout sessions with University staff were informative and helpful, and it was great to hear from one of our former students about their experience moving from LGSC to main campus.”

– Aaron Eames, AES tutor

We offer pathways into a huge variety of degrees at the University of Leicester, so it was impossible to get a lecturer from every degree to speak to the students. What we were able to do, is get the link tutors involved to split the students off into the department of study students were interested in such as business, law, computer science and engineering.

We’re incredibly thankful for all the staff who made this event happen including everyone from behind the scenes planning to those who spoke in front of the students. It was something incredibly beneficial for the students, but also offered clarity for staff members at the Global Study Centre.

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