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Upcoming Activities at LGSC

There's more to LGSC than classes, and with a bunch of new students, we've decided to let you in on the activities going on in Feb.

Hello All

We like to be able to support our students in any way that we can. Sometimes, this is academically. But often, it is giving them the time and safe space for them to talk to us and the opportunity for students to make new friends.

If you’ve seen our posts from last year, then you already know about the extra curricular that we offer regularly. We have: coffee & chats, games hour, and book club all in a month. These ideas came around shortly after mental health awareness week in May, when we really learnt how dangerous loneliness was and how common it was in international students.

But, what is it that we do?

Coffee & Chats is a time where students can come in with a coffee (tea and hot chocolate is allowed), to sit and talk with other students. There may be a chance that one student shows up, but there is always a staff member present incase this happens. It may not be ideal, but a staff member is always available to listen and speak with you.

Games hour has been happening for long time here at LGSC. It’s usually hosted by Dr Aaron Eames, who knows how to play and win at Jenga. It’s a time to have fun with your classmates, or other students from a different cohort or pathway.  We have many different options of games for games hour, and it’s something that people in the September cohort say helped them make the friends they have now.

Book club meeting is a new addition. Student support officer, Shannon, absolutely loves to read and loves talking about books. Aaron is Doctor of Philosophy, his specialism is in English literature, and he reads a lot of books that he needs to review – although, his favourite genre is fantasy. Book club is designed for students to bring the book that they’re currently reading and tell other students, Aaron or myself, their thoughts in general and whether they would recommend the book to others.

February though, has the holiday of love. So it’s only natural that we do something to fit in with this theme. We did a move afternoon for Halloween, which a group of students did enjoy. With the feeling of Valentines Day in the air, we’re hosting a romance movie afternoon around Valentines Day for our students! Yes, there is always snacks available.


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