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What Happened in January 2023

Our first monthly recap of 2023! Here's an insight to a January at the Leicester Global Study Centre

Hi All!

January is always a busy and exciting month at LGSC. We welcome our September cohort students back after the Christmas and New Year break, hoping they’re refreshed to start again. But, we also meet our new January cohort who joined us on the 9th of January. The 9th of January was the start of our welcome week, which is compulsory for new students to take part in.

Our biggest talking point is welcome week, where we welcomed 73 new students onto campus. The week was full of sessions that taught students about academic misconduct, and the University sanctions. But also how to get the best out of independent learning and the use of Blackboard – both of which can be new and daunting to new students. We also held some sessions that went down well with our September cohort. Coming to University is a little lonely, so we make sure to put activities on like speedfriending and games hour to students chance to meet people and make new friends.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year!

Jenny, a Chinese student on our Society and Culture pathway, taught the student council how to correctly make decorations to celebrate the New Year and welcome the year of the Rabbit. We stuck the decorations on the windows, and near the door, similar to how rooms would be decorated in China. Jenny was also kind enough to write a blog post for LGSC to explain the history and legends behind the Chinese New Year which you are able to read, just click our previous post.

Our first Coffee & Chats of 2023 was held as well this month. We hold coffee & chats monthly, so students have a safe space where they can find new friends and even speak to staff if they’re feeling lonely.

And we can’t forget! Teaching also began after the holidays. On the 16th January, all students were welcomed back and all January exams were over.  Those who joined us in January were registered and into their classes ready to begin learning all the content their teachers have prepared for them. We have already began to monitor their attendance, and let our whereabouts known incase any students need help.

The same week teaching began, snow arrived in Leicester. The last thing any teacher needs on a Monday afternoon, when students are already beginning to lag, is snow. It was the first snowfall of 2023 and many students, that had joined us either the week before or in September, were seeing snow for the first time.

That’s the first month entirely, back and in 2023 down. We’re looking forward to the months ahead.


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